Decra-Stone Landscaping Ltd. constructs landscapes from prepared designs that are provided by the client. We can build from conceptual layout drawings that we will detail to accommodate a specific budget that meets the client's needs, or from a detailed drawing to provide a competitive quote.

Our scope of construction services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Soil Work
  • Excavation, rough grading
  • Drainage
  • Paving Systems (walkways, patios, driveways, roadways)
  • Unit Precast (inter-locking)
  • Stone Paving
  • Natural Stone (dry-laid or mortared in place)
  • Cast In Place Concrete
  • Grade Retaining Systems
  • Unit Precast Retaining Walls
  • Stone Walls (dry-laid or mortared in place) Ledgerock
  • Armour Stone
  • Planting
  • Turf Work ( sodding & seeding)
  • Landscape Features
  • Water Displays
  • Landscape Carpentry (decks, fences, arbours, screens, wood structures)
  • Sculptural Features (urns, statues, pots etc.)
  • Feature Rock Placements

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